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Down by the Ocean

Down by the ocean walk the sandy way
had this feeling more than I can say
don’t know where, don’t know what is keeping me on my feet and through my soles
I feel the cold feel the cold creeping

I’m afraid there’s nothing here to find
counting waves breaking, spray
over skin facing the wind
step after step I’m sinking in
if you tear me down no way I could be found

Broken memories keep haunting me
echoing inside me when I sleep
as I’m awake drifting by the water
on my mind ain’t anything to bother
now take me down take me

Down by the ocean
the only way is
down by the ocean
and we will meet down
by the ocean
the only way is down by the ocean

My mind is silent the wind is violent my sight is blind have my eyes wide open

Oh leave no trace in the sand
we can walk this way hand in hand
the shore knows beginning the shore has no end I’m sending my thoughts across the sea,
foreign land

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