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Feels like falling

The sky is slowly turning,lying tired in the grass
oh I keep on yearning but the engines never stop
up above there’s a fire burning, it tingles on my skin
there’s so much to be learning, but sometimes I feel trapped

my feet are buried deep into the solid earth
like roots they try to keep my thoughts from running wild down below there’s a planet rolling through a never ending void
why is it not imploding on such heavy load

drifting away let my eyes rest in the deep blue sky
daydreaming in the evening sun
there’s a sound still distant, ringing muted but persistent
who may it be calling - feels like falling down

I need to cool down my mind, out of the orbit, out of sight

Some rest would do me right, and trust that we’ll all be fine

toes sink into the sand, and water’s running in between

turn around no land in sight, wind is rushing through the scene

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