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Shabby Porch

Far away, far away from downtown

I found a house for my family

it was a couple of decades ago but as you know

there are things that feel like yesterday

oh we moved in on the first day of spring
and Hope was pregnant for the first time
from this day there were pictures taken
and believe me when you’re old you feel glad to have them

there was nothing really special about the house
it seemed like all the others around
there was a garden with hedges, trees and a shed
there were flours and wild reeds too

but this song is about the shabby porch
attached to the house it’s a place of memories
I was a husband, became a dad,
a grandpa and a widower

Shabby porch it’s me again
shabby porch this is how it ends
for one last time we will be fine
I’ve got to loosen my hands
it’s the last time I stand upon you
I am old I’ve got to go

When the kids learned to stand and to walk on these planks
I was caught up in work and made plans
all the steps and words that followed then
kept my mind occupied most the time

I watched neighbours come and go
only few I have known, let alone their concerns
and once I’ve seen everything moves on
just the sandbox was left to grow ferns

We wondered how we would remain
comfortable as I’m on my own today
I didn’t get a hold of anything at all
not even the woman I fell for

hold on to the armrest and the frail wood below
right now that’s all left to know

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