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In every Me there’s You

I don’t feel like I was born sick

just because you try to tell me I don’t fit in

who do you think you are? Is it really you that claims to be right someone who denies that change is a right?

let’s have a talk about your fears and thoughts

don’t you believe we can make them leave, we make them void

so let’s have a walk and make some room for new thoughts

cause hatred is just the wrong way – it seems odd to me – it feels odd to me

Let me go maybe you will find me in Mexico

for sure somewhere else but while you’re looking on
While you spend your days in search

I hope you will realize that in every me, in every me there’s you

is it your mind or is it your heart? Is it fear or is it love?

does it matter if it’s black or white? Why do you need ideals to decide?

call me anything you like naive or even blind

your mindset’s heavy on my shoulders as long as you keep hatred on your mind

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