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The Walk Song

In this moment I feel the ground below

below my feet I’m walking slowly

I sense a pulse, a steady rhythm beating

it’s not the time, cause I lost mine


no need for credit,

I’m playing some simple chords

on my guitar,

but I’m going far

come on and join me let’s go

blue above and green below my soul

is coloured brightly it’s bare oh it’s pure

the place where sky and all land become one

is why I began to walk oh I move on

come on and join me let’s go

tomorrow is just a few miles to go

and sorrow was only a stepping stone

I try to follow the peace of mind

and push old habits of their thrown

there’s a tune on my lips that can blind my sight

and numb the doubt that I tried to hide

a whistle like a distant memory

that throws old habits of their thrown

shelter’s gone, let me go

- home - let me go

until my legs won’t carry me no more

old habits will be gone

roll the stones off the road

cuts on skin are stories told

aching bones and dirt on hands

became gypsies dearest friends

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