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We will sing

I seek a time of grounded pace
a simple view worth sharing
with thanks to all you give to me
in our hopes for unity

come take me on a trip
I don’t care where it’s headed
cause everywhere I go with you
makes me feel at home

I look around I’m upside down
but somehow it feels right
to see the world right through your eyes
to see it shining bright

come with me one a trip
I’ve got something to show you
I’ll let you look right through my eyes
you might feel revived

maybe sometime we will get
to a place where we can stop
no step further
and no going back

we could freeze in time
nothing on my mind
and it would be just fine
 nothing on our mind

I open up my mind to you and may it bring
new insight and so we will sing
I open up my heart to you and everything
no saving grace, although we will sing

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